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  1.  I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident,  i.e., green card holder.
  2.  I am at least eighteen years old.
  3.  I am not a federal contractor.
  4.  I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card, or a card issued to another person.
  5. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person, or entity, for the purpose of making this contribution.



Hello Everyone! I just want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am running to serve as your congressional representative for New York's 19th district, in the 2018 election. 

I do not possess a background in politics - so no smooth talking , soft-selling, glossy-looking individual here folks - but what I do have is a background in service and the skillsets required to achieve the measurable outcomes our district needs to flourish. 

I have an innate love for people and for community. I see wrongs and grow impassioned over resolving them. I see injustices and want to see them righted. I see communities mired in hopelessness and strive to bring elements of hope back to those troubled in heart and mind.

Personally, I have had struggles and experienced my share of problems including: experiencing unequal treatment in the workplace; losing loved ones to chronic illness; mitigating my husband's cancer diagnosis, watching as he suffered through painful radiation and chemo treatments requiring daily commutes to the City; contemplating bankruptcy; losing our home to flood waters; and knowing the dejection that comes with being homeless - quite the experience mind you, but thankfully, one that did not last terribly long.

Yet, I have come to accept the fiery trials we endured as lessons in perseverance and endurance,  They gave me insights into the degree of disruption that can occur when faced with a devastating life event, especially when living paycheck to paycheck.  If nothing else, my capacity for empathy has increased and taught me how to be even more tenacious. A valuable asset when fighting for a cause.

Subsequent to a successful electoral bid, I would be honored to serve as your representative in Congress.   Women everywhere are taking the lead across the nation, running for office, which is so encouraging especially as  women have an increased willingness to work across party lines; to come to resolutions; and, in the case of Congress, this could lend itself to crafting legislation that would benefit our nation as a whole. I know I would thrive in this type of milieu and would be an invaluable voice to you on the Hill.

The environment is the crown jewel in the Hudson Valley's crown. Unfortunately, big business interests have been posing a continual threat to our waterway for decades. We have already experienced severe health crises as a direct result of pollutants and toxins (including cancer causing PFOAs) being systematically dumped in our drinking water.  

I support the interests of our residents over those of big corporations and ultimately wish to see an accessible one-system healthcare network available to all. Unfortunately, recent efforts have been made to decimate the Affordable Care Act as well as cut funding to our local, rural hospitals.

Equally unsettling are the attacks being mounted against our regional schools. I , on the other hand, value education and therefore support Title I funding for special education and low income students, as well as funding for tuition-free educational pathway pursuits, both traditional and non-traditional, for high school graduates.

What I never will understand are the 1% who possess 90% of the world's wealth but begrudge seeing the poor and middle classes get even a little bit of what they are entitled to. I call that by it's name: evil.

On the international stage, we've fallen off a bit as leaders of the Free World, abdicating our position to Germany and China. Perhaps once we come together to get our house in order, we will be better able to recapture our proper place again, as leaders of the free world, in the eyes of the world.

Over the years, I have had several positions in the not-for-profit sector. Today, I am the Prevention Services Coordinator for Catholic Charities Prevention Services of Orange and Sullivan.  Catholic Charities is a premiere leader in the fight against the opioid epidemic impacting our region; as well as provider of substance abuse prevention and treatment services, naloxone training, and evidence-based educational curricula for local school districts.  The organization is also a member of S.A.L.T. (Sullivan Agencies Living Together) a community coalition partnering with over 40 Hudson Valley agencies to serve the needs of the underserved in our communities through referral and hands-on services. 


I came to this wonderful adopted country of ours at 14 months of age. I grew up in New York City, living in a co-op apartment with my extended family that included my Cuban-born mother; my grandparents; and my siblings. 

A much-loved great-grandmother, great-aunts and uncles, and loads of cousins completed our family portrait. As so many did before us, we soon assimilated into the American way of life. As I grew up and into adulthood, my grandmother, was my rock and my foundation. There isn't a day goes by that I don't dearly miss and thank God for her influence on my life.


Eventually, life's milestones soon presented themselves:  high school; college - resulting in my attaining two undergraduate degrees at the Pennsylvania State University; marriage; more college - this time a graduate degree from the New School for Social Research; and children.

As our family grew, though we continued to enjoy the dynamism and  cultural aspects city-life still  afforded, we knew a better way of life existed where we could raise our kids amid beautiful, natural surroundings; still  provide them with a decent education while piquing their interests in outdoor pursuits, i.e., hiking, camping, playing team sports; and where a certain peace of  mind could be achieved  as related to their overall  safety.

Happily, we found what we were looking for in the Hudson Valley - a place we had regularly escaped to on fishing, camping, and apple picking excursions.


Frequent forays to the Hudson Valley soon revealed this region to be the perfect place to raise our family, and it wasn't long before Sullivan  County became home sweet home. Now, decades after having made that decision, a second generation of our family also calls the Hudson Valley region their home.

At this juncture in my life, everything has aligned for me to do more than complain about the way things are. Time's been awasting and that role as Monday morning quarterback has gotten old fast. I sense many of you feel the same.

Well,  the time to act is now.  I am ready and willing to serve.  Will you join your voice with mine?  Feel up to:

Making the I'Mpossible Possible?

There are many battles ahead. These include:

Fighting to:

  • ensure safe schools for our children; 
  • increase Title I funding for students;
  • safeguard New York's PELL grant funding and tuition-free university, trade, and community college;
  • develop methods for loan default capture that are not formidably stringent or punitive;
  • improve educational standards and the implementation of more equitable services for students in our public schools;
  • acquire resources to fund prevention efforts to proactively address opioid use in the Hudson Valley and to acquire professional mental health services and interventions;
  • safeguard our invaluable rural hospitals; 
  • support universal background checks and FixNic for gun purchasers;
  •  support equal pay for equal work;
  • fight for affordable housing and address homelessness in the region;
  • pursue equitable access to affordable healthcare for all via the passage of a single-payer healthcare system; 
  • include contraception as part of all insurance coverage;
  •  include job-protected paid family leave and sick pay;
  • prevent the privatization of Veterans Affairs' Health Administration;
  • increase lands designated organic;
  • support economic revitalization in the Hudson Valley region while targeting corporate polluters and dark money sources willing to resort to corrupt methods to further their agenda at the expense of the people.



I would love to hear from you. Please contact me.