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Together we will be that instrument for lasting, effective change.

The Issues at Hand: 

Learn more about my vision for the Hudson Valley Region, more on what concerns me on the political landscape ahead; as well as some key information on policies I will fight to uphold on the Hill, as your congressional representative; and remember, I would love to hear from you!

I know there is an urgent need to address the pressing concerns unique to this great and wonderful region in which we are blessed to live, work, and play. If you share these same beliefs and values, then...

  1. Together we must work to preserve its pristine beauty for future generations and  prevent industrial polluters from being allowed to mar it forever. 
  2. Together we must take strides towards improving our health outcomes, including funding mental health and substance prevention services, to guarantee healthier tomorrows for ourselves and for future generations.
  3. Together we must demand equal pay for equal work and fair living wages for us all.  We each deserve to earn a sustainable wage - demand the $15 minimum wage.
  4. Together we must explore the various pathways to educational and economic success and as a result, help develop diverse job opportunities, including developing jobs in infrastructure restoration; communication technologies; and alternative energy sources for our youth to pursue.
  5. Together we must join as a community, embracing our diversity, while bringing a united voice to Washington, raised in unison in a spirit of civility and mutual respect, as we continue to shine a spotlight on the political concerns important to us and our nation.
  6. Together we must stand unified in support of our neighbors who are still waiting for the passage of the long anticipated clean DACA bill, and ensure our government holds to their long ago promise of a pathway to citizenship.
  7. Together we must hold our government officials to account and no longer tolerate underhanded practices like secret tax-funded, slush funds to payoff sexual harassment settlements; or the acceptance of dark money in politics, including: large campaign contributions; or NRA lobbyists who work diligently to circumvent and undermine the express wishes of the American people.
  8. Together we must fight while vowing not to mutely go with the flow, especially when policies need ousting.
  9.  Together men and women must demand paid sick and family leave.
  10.  Together we must unite behind extensive common sense background checks for gun sales. Enough already!

Stay Tuned